Quality Policy

M/s. NSPR Constructions (India) Pvt. Ltd, operations places particular emphasis on our multi-disciplinary expertise, reliability, quality of work and safety.

M/s. NSPR Constructions (India) Pvt. Ltd. therefore strives to:

  • Provide superior service to our clients by understanding and responding to their needs and expectations
  • Be the first-choice construction contractor in its chosen operational areas
  • Promote good relations with other organisations towards joint participation in major infrastructure projects

The organization is also committed to:

  • Consistently meeting the quality of products and services specified by clients and to continually improving performance
  • Reduction and elimination of waste in our operations
  • The adoption of a quality culture by all employees, in everything they do

With a view to meeting these goals and objectives it is the policy of M/s. NSPR Constructions (India) Pvt. Ltd., to:

  • Assign sufficient resources to enable us to provide the desired level of service to our clients and achieve the required quality standards
  • Operate effective approved quality management systems within an integrated management system framework
  • Establish and implement project specific quality plans to reflect and achieve clients’ expectations and needs
  • Extend awareness, acceptance and implementation of quality systems to our sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Provide appropriate training to employees and sub-contractors in the operation of quality management systems to improve our service to clients
  • Ensure all employees are competent to do their jobs and are encouraged to participate in quality improvement initiatives
  • Set targets and review results at defined intervals with the aim of continually improving our performance
  • Target the reduction of remedial and abortive work
  • Target the reduction of wastage of material resources
Encourage a philosophy of doing things “right the first time”